Handmade meditation cushions
& yoga bolsters

All my cushions are made from a selection of upcycled fabrics, such as wool blankets, discarded theatre backdrops, denim jeans and quality vintage curtains,
all hand dyed with a mixture of natural and man made dyes.

The meditation cushions are filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls sourced in the UK.

There are different fabrics, sizes, shapes and colours to choose from.

Some are traditional round zafus, some are cubes and some are octagon shaped, 
inspired by ‘Otedama’ or Japanese juggling bean bags.

You could buy a matching set or buy a different design for each member of the family.

I can also make you a customised set to compliment your family meditation space.

The cushion covers come unfilled, so you can use them for storing a winter jumper, odd socks or just revitalise your old cushions!