Are you short on space in your retro campervan?
Would you like a stylish solution?

How about a one of a kind squishy cube storage seat that turns into a roomy beach bag?

This reworked denim cube is made from two pairs of denim jeans, some original 70's curtains and two upcycled wool blankets. It also has two pockets and a denim tassle keyring and  holds:

2 x retro cushions ~ 45 cm x 45 cm
2 x retro blankets ~ 150cm x 75 cm
The blankets have velcro to join them together into a large blanket!

It also turns into a roomy beach bag/zero waste shopping bag and when you're using your blankets and cushions, you can store clothes inside and use as an extra seat in your camper.

This one is available to buy now, if you would like me to make you one to match your camper, just message me for details of available fabric.

If you want to, you could send me a picture of your camper and I could make you your own, one of a kind camper cube!

Reworked Denim Storage Cube/Bag