Hello, my name is Sarah Andrew.

I have always loved sewing and making discarded things beautiful and useful again, so I started Bindweed Blues in 2014 with a little shop on Etsy making things from old denim jeans, just as a hobby.

The name Bindweed Blues came to me when I was looking at a hedgerow in my garden…the bindweed is so beautiful, most people consider it a weed and try to get rid of it, but even when it has been cut down, it prevails and comes back year after year.
I thought that this was a great symbol for my flourishing recycling business.



It's important for me to shop locally, so I source all my fabrics from local charity shops, choosing only top quality natural materials such as cotton denim jeans, linen curtains and wool blankets. The zips, man made dyes and threads are also from a local high street shop and I use natural dyes, such as turmeric for some of the base colours.
I am currently planning my own dyers garden with a selection of ancient dye plants, such as Woad, St John's Wort and lilies so I can experiment with my own natural dyes.

thoughtfully made

You will find all kinds of things here, from unusual meditation cushions to one of a kind bags and unique gifts, all made from forgotten fabrics and made with love.

Recycled ~ Refreshed ~ Renewed